To Beat The Best Sometimes You Have To Join The Best

Dear Sports Bettors,

My name is Danny Phee and for the last 6 months or so I’ve been submitting 1 free pick a day on our :DP™ Sports Picks website and then submitting that same pick on a sports picks monitoring website called Best Sports Picks Today. Out of approximately 50 sports handicappers who could be considered professionals, I am currently ranked 7th and I have been jumping between 5th and 7th place for the last month or two. As you can see in the screen shot taken directly from the picks history generator found on the Best Sports Picks Today website – my winning percentage (Danny Phee) is right around 56.25% (the percentage you see on my site may be a little difference as their were some picks voided by Best Sports Picks Today for various reasons). None the less, my winning percentage is right around the ratio you would expect to see from an above average sports handicapper – better than good but not great.

Now the reason I’m writing this entry is not to talk about myself, no I like most human beings strive for perfection and am always looking for ways to improve my performance in whatever activities I take part in. Well, naturally, after looking at the results that the Best Sports Picks Today picks history generator spit out – I couldn’t help but notice a certain sports handicapping service that was always on the top of the list. And what was more mind boggling was that their winning percentage was less than 50%!!!

DIY Sports Betting Systems had my attention so I had to find out what they were doing. After reviewing their website which was created and operated by Sam Oconnel,
Sports Betting Expert and Author, I found that this guy takes a different approach to sports betting and it has to do with betting on underdogs for the most part.

Through my successful sports picks submissions on Best Sports Picks Today I have been able to raise a few dollars through subscriptions so I decided to reinvest some of that money into purchasing Mr. Oconnel’s DIY Sports Betting System. I will be reviewing the material I’ve received from this purchase and if I agree with what I find I will start to post two different sports picks on my site everyday: One of my regular :DP™ Sports Picks and one :DP™ Dog Picks. We will compare the results of both types of sports picks after 1, 3, and 6 months time, betting $100 a pick, and declare a winner at the end of that review period.

Either way, here at :DP Sports Picks we have to tip our hat to Mr. Sam Oconnel at DIY Sports Betting – You deserve some respect my friend so here it is.

Good Luck Everyone,

Danny Phee


About Danny Phee

Born and raised in Las Vegas, I grew up playing sports. Mining life for its richess. Found the most valuable ones: My wife and son. Pursuing happiness together. @VBarVegas General Manager @TheVegasRealEstateAgent REALTOR® #Vegas
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